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The modern technology, which apparently has been able to sustain a tremendous growth of human population (solely by industrialization and urbanization), started cracking up with dangerous consequences to the humanity. The phenomenal decrease of bio-mass and the alarming increase of pollution have become a serious concern to the scientists and planners the world over.

While the developed countries are able to largely counter the environmental degradation because of their affluence as well as commitment, the developing countries are not able to take effective remedial steps to counter this dormant disaster either due to poverty or ignorance or indifference.

It is common knowledge that each 'developing' country has to develop its own technology based on their socio-economic and cultural needs and resources and not necessarily ape the developed countries. If every person in the Third world countries also follows a lifestyle (consuming as much natural resources) as those in developed countries, the consequences are going to be terrible for the whole of mankind, including those in developed countries - because after all it is all one Earth.

Obviously, this material superstition cannot go on and on forever. Perhaps it is the duty of every right thinking scientist to make a serious attempt to know if there are alternatives for the mankind to lead a happier and healthier life and live more harmoniously with Nature around him?

In this context, the Indian scientist appears to have been placed in an advantageous position, as he is backed - however remotely - by the brilliant Vedic culture, which is being salvaged by eminent Vedic scholars and excellent Vedic institutions. Speaking different languages, there is hardly any communication between them and the elite modern scientist

The Earthsystem Sciences Awareness and Research Association is established to open a channel of communication between the Vedic scholar and the modern scientist with the hope that a collaborative research may benefit every Earth citizen.
May It Happen- (Tadhastu)
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